18th century Chemise 4

18th Century Chemise

Rococo Ball gown Description: Chemise à la reine made out of striped silk organza and silk taffeta. Hand sewn with goldwork and silk embroidery details on ... Read more »

18th century Chintz 0

18th century Chintz

Rococo Cotton gown Description: 18th century gown made out of printed cotton, muslin and linen. Boned bodice closes at the front with a string.


Capitalist Society- Our Utopia?

Character: Greed Description: Final Major Project . Greed represents our Capitalist society in relation to today's throw-away culture and mass-production. Covered in objects found on the ... Read more »


Regency Gown Louise

Description: Gown inspired by the painting of Queen Louise of Prussia. Entirely hand sewn with goldwork details on the bodice and belt. Ball gown made out ... Read more »


Oh! What a Lovely War

Character: German Soldier Description : First year collaboration project at London College of Fashion. Soldiers are represented as war machines with the machine aspect taking over ... Read more »


Regency Day Dress

Hand sewn Regency dress with open front, closed with drawstrings. Cotton-silk blend muslin with cotton underskirt.


Tudor Gown

16th century gown, with beaded neckline and stomacher. Cartridge pleated brocade skirt with a matching creme underskirt and boned velvet bodice.



The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Character: Jane Description: Second year collaboration project at London College of Fashion. Re-interpretation of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari“ with story taking place ... Read more »


Victorian Bodice

Description: Boned bodice decorated with antique lace and fabric flowers. Pleated detail at neckline and sleeve.  

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